Not a Boston goat, but a goat enjoying his work nevertheless. (jasonschwarz)

Boston Expanding Its Goat-Powered Landscaping System Because Everyone Loves Goats

We’ve learned recently that all you need to get people pumped up about a landscaping plan is hire a couple of four-footed workers to do what they already like doing, munching away on vegetation. After a successful season last summer using ruminants as landscapers, Boston is expanding its plan this year, adding more goats at more city locations in need of tending. [More]

Check Your Tree For Signs Of Impending Death

Check Your Tree For Signs Of Impending Death

By the time it becomes obvious that a tree in your yard is dying, it may be too late to save it. In order to avoid a costly, time-consuming removal project, it’s helpful to monitor your trees for signs that they’re embarking on a death spiral. [More]