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The Limited To Start Layoffs At Corporate Offices; Could Start Winding Down Business

Two weeks after retailer The Limited announced it would explore its options, including a possible sale, the mall staple has begun notifying employees at its corporate offices that they could be out of a job and the company as a whole could close.  [More]

Lawsuit: Bath & Body Works Portable Fragrances Can Melt Into A Leaky Mess

Lawsuit: Bath & Body Works Portable Fragrances Can Melt Into A Leaky Mess

Maybe you’ve been there: the inside of your car smells like something crawled into the glovebox and died. Folks often turn to scented products that can help allay some of that funk. But one woman who bought refills for Bath & Body Works’ “Scentportables” says the products turned into a hot mess with no warning. [More]

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Victoria’s Secret Set To Ditch Swimwear After This Year

Earlier this month, L Brands, the parent company of Victoria’s Secret, announced it would restructure certain aspects of the retailer’s business, but failed to provide specifics on the changes. But a filing from the company’s bank sheds a little light on just what could be cut from the company. First up: swimwear.  [More]


Victoria’s Secret Parent Company Restructuring, Plans To Rely Less On Catalog

Before the era of online commerce, catalogs were the holy grail of shopping without leaving your house. Top on the list for many consumers were the thick books full of Victoria’s Secret merchandise. While the retailer continues to send out those catalogs, the company’s parents has plans to step away from the iconic mailers in the future.

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Bath & Body Works Will Cleanse Worker Schedules Of On-Call Shifts

This summer, a number of popular mall store chains have decided to end the practice of on-call scheduling, a money-saving trick where employees are scheduled to work but told not to report, or are sent home early. Now the dense scent cloud known as Bath and Body Works will join its corporate cousin Victoria’s Secret in stopping the practice next month. [More]