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DirectBuy Closed Members’ Local Showroom: Now What?

DirectBuy Closed Members’ Local Showroom: Now What?

Longtime Consumerist readers might remember that we aren’t huge fans of the advertising or sales tactics that shopping club DirectBuy uses. But if someone does spend thousands of dollars to join, then they should be treated fairly by the company, right? Not when the nearest showroom closes down, and the company doesn’t understand why their new members can’t make an easy two-hour trip to the nearest one that remains open. [More]


Lowe’s Installs Wrong Door, Wants Customer To Pay For Installation Of Replacement

A Sacramento woman ordered a beautiful new front door for her house: shiny white with brass fittings and a window up top. It was a very nice-looking door, and that’s what was on the estimate she received. It wasn’t the door the installers actually brought to her house and installed in the front of her house, though. That part’s no problem: they just need to come by and replace it with the correct door, right? None of this would be a big deal at all if they didn’t want her to pay for the second installation herself. [More]