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Here Are Your Discounts, Freebies, And Bagels To Celebrate National Pizza Day

What are your plans for National Pizza Day? What, you didn’t know that today was National Pizza Day? We can’t blame you, actually, but the non-event means that restaurants, rest stops, and even Amazon’s Alexa-powered devices have special promotions and deals going on that are meant to move more pizza. [More]

11 Things to Be Learned From Country Billboards

11 Things to Be Learned From Country Billboards

His eyeballs on sabbatical from ocular saturation in the frenzied consumerism of modern day civilization, John over at American Copywriter decided to go on a long, relaxing drive through the barren heartland of America. To daydream while golden fields of wheat oscillated in the summer breeze! Where the only advertisements were the brand marks on the flanks of lowing cows!