Don’t Get Stuck Paying For A Flight You Can’t Take; Know Your Airline’s 24-Hour Cancellation Policy

You can spend months, and thousands of dollars, putting together a trip abroad, but no matter how much effort you take to avoid travel trouble, unforeseen circumstances can force you to change your plans. Thankfully, most airlines flying to and from the U.S. have a policy that lets passengers cancel tickets within 24 hours of booking. Note that we said “most airlines” — not all. [More]

(Martin Rottler)

Obese Woman’s Husband Blames 3 Airlines For Her Death After She Was Kept From Flying

When not one but three airlines fail to accommodate an obese passenger trying to get home to receive medical care in the U.S., who is to blame? A New York woman’s husband is suing Delta, KLM and Lufthansa Airlines claiming her death is all on them, after she was unable to successfully get home to the states from Hungary on three separate flights. [More]

Rude Flight Attendant Almost Spoils My In-Air Proposal

Rude Flight Attendant Almost Spoils My In-Air Proposal

Consumerist reader Jacob had planned to ask his girlfriend for her hand in marriage mid-flight during their recent trip from Tel Aviv to Memphis. But thanks to a terribly rude flight attendant, those plans were almost grounded. [More]

Airline Using Facebook To Turn Jet Cabin Into High School Cafeteria

As adults, most of us are perfectly okay with the notion that it doesn’t really matter who you sit next to on the plane. You take your seat, eat your free peanuts and sleep through Two & a Half Men reruns. But Dutch airline KLM is testing a new service that allows Facebook and LinkedIn users to try to find the cool kids’ section of the plane. [More]

Stranded Orchestra Gives Impromptu Inflight Concert For Fellow Passengers

Stranded Orchestra Gives Impromptu Inflight Concert For Fellow Passengers

While waiting for their delayed KLM flight to be released, the Amsterdam Sinfonietta took their instruments down from the overhead compartments and started playing a spontaneous concert for their fellow passengers. [More]

Always Keep Your Boarding Pass

Always Keep Your Boarding Pass

Over on his travel blog, Christopher Elliott writes that if you want to ensure you’ll get the reward program miles you deserve, you should hold on to your boarding pass. In his example, a frequent flyer with Air France couldn’t get his Delta miles credited even though the airlines codeshare, because Air France demanded the original Delta boarding pass, which the customer had thrown away. Elliot managed to get the airline to cave on this instance, but he points out that it’s easier (and better in case of an IRS audit) to hold on to them “just in case.” [More]

iPod Video to Play on Airline Seat-Back Displays

According to Reuters, “Airline passengers will soon be able to connect their iPods to in-flight entertainment systems and watch their favorite videos without fear of running out of battery power while traveling on any of six major carriers, iPod maker Apple Computer Inc. said on Tuesday.