kinder eggs


Kinder Eggs Are Coming To The U.S., But Not Those Kinder Eggs

The Kinder Surprise is a chocolate egg with a plastic capsule in the middle containing a small toy. It’s a common candy all over the world, but has a cult appeal to Americans because it’s illegal here. It’s so illegal that you can be fined thousands of dollars for smuggling them into the country. Now, though, the company has a product that is American-proof and totally legal, and will introduce it next year. [More]


Unwitting Smugglers Had No Idea Delightful Chocolate Eggs With Toy Surprises Inside Are Illegal

We can picture the scene perfectly: Two guys on the way home from a trip to lovely Vancouver approaching the U.S./Canadian border. Suddenly, there’s a current of fear when guards search the car and inform them they’re smugglers. Each man pictures the other cackling evilly while shoving drugs or laundered money into a secret compartment in the car. But wait! It’s just illegal candy with a toy inside. Whew. [More]