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Recalled Products From IKEA, McDonald’s Made 2016 A Bad Year For Injured Children

There was no shortage of massive, wide-reaching recalls that affected children in 2016: the 29 million top-heavy IKEA dressers that could tip over, McDonald’s 29 million Happy Meal fitness trackers that caused rashes and burns, and three million Tommee Tippee’s spill proof cups that grew mold. Each of these campaigns — and many others — contributed to the largest increase in recalls, injuries, and incidents involving children’s products in nearly a decade.  [More]

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Walmart Focus Group Of 1,000 Kids Tells Us What Toys To Buy Them

Walmart started a new holiday tradition last year. It starts in the summer: the company invites a test panel of 1,000 children of all ages to play with a variety of toys, then rate how fun they are. About a quarter of the toys make the chain’s annual list of the 20 hottest toys, which Walmart then stocks up on, and Walmart shoppers might pick up after their Black Friday towel-grabbing frenzy. Maybe. [More]

Bank of America Gives 6-Year-Old A Credit Card

Bank of America Gives 6-Year-Old A Credit Card

Didn’t you hate not having access to credit when you were 6? Today’s kids don’t have to suffer like you did. Meet Bennett Christiansen of Aurora, IL. He’s got a shiny new Bank of America credit card with a $600 limit.