Mike Mozart

Why Are There Still So Many Bank Branches Everywhere? Because You Keep Going.

If you live in a certain kind of urban area, you see it all the time: those new mixed-use buildings go up, and on the ground floor of practically every single one there’s a bank branch or two. And if you thought to yourself, “Why are there so freaking many bank branches opening in an era when all the young folk living in those buildings bank by phone?” you’re not alone. But it turns out there’s an easy reason that bank branches keep proliferating: customers are using ’em. [More]

Federal Government Unseals Indictments In 2014 Bank Breaches

Federal Government Unseals Indictments In 2014 Bank Breaches

Have you ever received a spam e-mail advertising a penny stock, and assumed that it came from a general junk mail list, or someone simply typed out a list of randomly-generated addresses? Criminal charges announced today revealed that the perpetrators of a stock fraud scheme obtained e-mail addresses to contact by exploiting the Heartbleed bug to steal the names and e-mail addresses of about 80 million customers from JPMorganChase. [More]