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Walmart Adding Chase Pay As An Online, In-App Payment Option

Despite the fact that Walmart already offers its own mobile payment system, the retailer is opening up doors to other forms of digital payments in an effort to cut costs on processing electronic transactions. [More]

Pew’s Model Disclosure Box for Prepaid Cards

Chase Becomes First Bank To Implement New, Simpler Disclosure Box For Prepaid Cards

In 2012, nearly 12 million consumers loaded more than $64 million onto prepaid debit cards. With so many people turning to these cards, more companies are getting into the prepaid debit business. To assist consumers faced with a plethora of card options, Pew Charitable Trusts unveiled a new model disclosure box for easy comparison of prepaid card fees and terms and conditions. [More]


95% Of ATMs Are Still Using Windows XP. No, Really

Who is still using Windows XP, an operating system which is now twelve years old? Other than “everyone’s mom,” the real answer might not be as obvious: the nation’s network of automated teller machines. ATMs all contain computers, of course. Computers are susceptible to malware. Systems running Windows XP may be more susceptible to malware after April 8 of this year, when Microsoft finally ends support and security patches for XP. [More]


What Are America’s Most Damaged Brands Right Now?

How mighty brands fall. Bad leadership, bad planning, a run of bad products: any of these can damage a brand in a short amount of time, and it can take years to recover: if, indeed, the brand recovers at all. What brands are the most battered in the United States right now? 24/7 Wall Street rounded them up, based on which publicly-traded major companies are currently dealing with aggressive competition, reputation disasters, and a lack of direction. [More]

Email Cheaper for Customer Service, But You Gotta Use it Right

Email Cheaper for Customer Service, But You Gotta Use it Right

Most companies that aren’t still waiting to approve funds for mimeograph machines have focused on using e-mail to handle customer service issues. But a new Jupiter research study finds it takes companies longer than answer online than it did two years ago, reports Wired.