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Jockey Wants To Change How Bra Sizes Work. Can They Succeed?

The standard American bra size consists of a number and a letter: the measurement around the wearer’s body in inches, and the lettered cup size, which indicates the difference between the bust measurement and the measurement around the ribcage: in other words, how big the breast is. As anyone who has ever bought a bra knows, this system has its flaws, including vanity sizing, variations between manufacturers, and variations in sizes from one style to another. Jockey is out to change that, but does their new bra-sizing and trying-on system solve the problem or create more? [More]

Consumers Speak: Bob Bought Three Bombs

Bob writes:

1). Maytag Neptune front loading washer. They oughta call this the TwistMaster. Even on the hand-wash cycle, a garment with any length to it–pant legs, shirt sleeves–comes out twisted and knotted. The twisting also stretches the item. Further, even drying on a gentle cycle doesn’t always relax the wrinkles that the twisting imparts. Oh, and another thing: the rubber gasket around the door opening surpasses agar in a Petrie Dish as the perfect medium for growing mold. A real piece of shit, purchased at a premium price. Good for greasy shop towels, though!