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JCPenney CEO: Macy’s & Sears Closures Are Pretty Great For Us

It’s kind of a no-brainer: when one company loses, its rivals stand to gain. And so it is for JCPenney, amid the turndown in traditional retail sales that’s causing Macy’s and Sears to close stores around the country.


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Department Stores Remember That You Can’t Get Spa Treatments Or Lunch On Amazon

You can now order just about anything online, but there are some things that can’t be delivered in a box on your doorstep. If department stores and their business model are going to survive, experts say, they need to change their offerings and sell more products that can’t be purchased online. [More]

Retail Rivals Pulling Out Their Own Deals In Effort To Compete With Prime Day

Retail Rivals Pulling Out Their Own Deals In Effort To Compete With Prime Day

Just because Amazon is calling today Prime Day doesn’t mean other retailers can’t offer their own discounts and deals, too. As such, a whole bunch of retailers are pulling out specials designed to lure shoppers today, while carefully avoiding any mention of “Prime Day” [More]


What Are Shoppers Buying Since They Aren’t Buying Clothes?

It’s bleak out there for a clothing retailer, with sales slumping at many chains, leading some — American Apparel, Aeropostale, Pacsun, among others — to declare bankruptcy. So if we aren’t shopping for items to clad our bodies, what are we shopping for?


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Former JCPenney CEO: Should Have Stayed With My Plan Despite $6B Loss

Former JCPenney CEO Ron “No Sales Here” Johnson may have cost the retailer $6 billion in sales during his tenure, but the executive believes his plan could have turned around the company, eventually.  [More]

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Why Is JCPenney Trying To Be More Like Sears, When So Many Sears Stores Are Closing?

In a previous era, JCPenney and Sears competed against each other for sales in just about everything from apparel to appliances to towels and sheets. Gradually, the rivals’ paths diverged somewhat: JCPenney focused on clothing, while Sears lowered its price point to push its core business of tools and appliances. So why, with Sears in the process of closing so many of its stores, is JCPenney once again going head-to-head with its old nemesis by getting back into the appliance game? [More]

JCPenney Officially Reentering Appliance Arena: Expanding Offerings To 500 Stores

JCPenney Officially Reentering Appliance Arena: Expanding Offerings To 500 Stores

At the beginning of the year, JCPenney announced it would once again dip its toes into the appliance business by testing sales of ovens, refrigerators, washers, and the like through pilot programs in three states. That experiment apparently went well, as the retailer now plans to expand the offerings nationwide and begin tests of other home-focused products, including flooring and window coverings.  [More]

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Report: JCPenney Slashed Workers’ Hours, Took Other Drastic Measures To Cut Costs

According to a new report, JCPenney had to work fast to cut costs recently after sales were unexpectedly sluggish last month. Some of the drastic measures the department store took included telling managers to cut workers’ hours, freeze overtime, and ban store markdowns. [More]

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Report: Sears Would Need To Close Nearly Half Its Stores To Succeed

While last week’s announced closings of 78 Sears Holdings stores made headlines, the company has been quietly culling retail locations for years. But a new analysis of the department store sector concludes that Sears and other mall mainstays are far from finished with eliminating stores. [More]

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JCPenney Launching New Plus-Size Line In New “Boutique” Sections In Stores, Online

While JCPenney has been selling plus-size garments for years, the retail chain is ready to make a big move into the fashion category: it’s launching a private label plus-size brand for women called Boutique+. [More]

Spot the CEO: Marvin Ellison is second from left, posing with store employees.

JCPenney Wants To Bring Current Customers Back More Often, Maybe Also Find New Ones

Marvin Ellison, the CEO of JCPenney, understands something important about the retailer that his predecessor Ron Johnson didn’t: they’re never going to attract affluent customers, and that’s okay. “We can convince ourselves that our core customers are a more affluent demographic, but really, they’re not,” he told Fortune magazine in a profile this week. [More]

JCPenney Will Actually Be Selling Some Items For A Penny

JCPenney Will Actually Be Selling Some Items For A Penny

Not so long ago, JCPenney was pushing the idea of “No More Sales,” hoping to attract shoppers with everyday low prices. That didn’t work, and now the retailer is going in the completely opposite direction with upcoming promotions where it intends to sell things for just a single penny. [More]

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Burberry Sues JCPenney Over Coats In Familiar-Looking Plaid

Do you recognize Burberry’s distinctive plaid on sight? The British company assumes that most clothing shoppers do, and has filed a lawsuit against JCPenney for using a similar plaid in scarves and coats that it has sold recently. [More]

JCPenney Testing Appliance Sales By Creating An “Emotional Connection” With Women

JCPenney Testing Appliance Sales By Creating An “Emotional Connection” With Women

Nearly 30 years after JCPenney discontinued selling ovens, refrigerators, washers, and the like, the retailer is once again dipping its toes into the appliance business, this time with a focus on targeting female shoppers.  [More]

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JCPenney Closing 7 Stores By Mid-April

History appears to be repeating itself at JCPenney this week. Just days after the retailer announced its same-store sales were up through the holiday season, the company tempered that good news by unveiling plans to close several stores… again.  [More]

Predictions About Bad Weather Hurting Retailers Didn’t Come True At JCPenney

Predictions About Bad Weather Hurting Retailers Didn’t Come True At JCPenney

For most of the season that we would normally call “winter,” retail prognosticators have predicted poor sales at department stores and clothing stores, since people don’t go shopping for winter coats when it’s still warm enough to go outside in a T-shirt. Now the unusually warm weather is over, though: how did retailers fare? In the case of JCPenney, not as badly as anticipated. [More]

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JCPenney Offers Virtual Reality Flight With Santa, Reindeer, And Product Placements

When we were kids, we had to go to a holiday-centric theme park to have an immersive experience with Santa, his reindeer, and his elves. If an experiment at JCPenney is successful, children of the future will only need to visit a local department store and plop an Oculus headset on their heads to experience the magic of flying in Santa’s sleigh while JCPenney suppliers advertise to them. [More]

Which Stores Will Have The Best Black Friday Deals?

Which Stores Will Have The Best Black Friday Deals?

How do you quantify what the “best” deals are, on Black Friday or any other day of the year? The most important factor should be whether the retailer sells stuff that you actually want, of course, and the value that those items provide for the money. Yet the sport of deal-hunting is all about the discounts, and WalletHub decided to compile raw percentages to figure out the best places to shop after Thanksgiving this year. [More]