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US Foods Plans Public Stock Offering After Failed Merger With Sysco

Back in 2013, food service giant Sysco proposed a purchase of another foodservice giant, US Foods. After a lengthy engagement, Sysco ultimately dropped the attempted merger, which the Federal Trade Commission wasn’t keen on. Instead of being acquired by a rival, now US Foods wants to hold an initial public offering of its stock to raise more money. [More]

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Jimmy John’s Jimmy John Decides Against Taking Sandwich Chain Public

With more than 2,000 sandwich-slinging stores across the country raking in some $2 billion a year in sales, Illinois-based Jimmy John’s seems like the perfect business to take public. But Jimmy John himself has decided against trying to cash in with an initial public offering. [More]

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Shake Shack To Go Public, Become Subject Of Endless “I Ate There Before…” Rants

If you live in a city that doesn’t have a Shake Shack, you probably have a friend (or a Facebook acquaintance) who has remarked on how much better the food is there than at other burger joints. Now comes the news that Shake Shack is going public and planning to continue its growth, meaning you may finally be able to judge for yourself, but that the aforementioned friend will now regularly refer to how he or she used to wait in line for hours when there was only one Shack blah blah blah. [More]


Michaels Knows That The Rainbow Loom Gravy Train Has To Stop Eventually

Michaels, a store that sells craft supplies and random decorative crap, managed to become the only big-box craft store that sells kids’ current favorite craft/toy, the Rainbow Loom. Here’s the problem with having one hot product, though: it might boost a company’s sales and profits now, but how long will the trend last? [More]

Newegg Files For $175 Mil IPO – Going All Hollywood On Us Now?

Popular electronics retailer Newegg filed for a $175 mil initial public offering today, becoming the 3rd internet darling in recent memory, after Zappos and Mint, to seek a cashout. Let’s hope Newegg doesn’t switch their business model from being entirely beholden to customers to being entirely beholden to shareholders. Otherwise, the customers’ battle cry of “It’s Newegg or nothing!” will be getting a tryout. [Reuters] (Thanks to GitEmSteveDave!) (Photo: Matt & The Camera)