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Science Says You Aren’t Alone: Drinking Booze Gives Mice The Munchies

Have you ever found yourself informing anyone who would listen after a long night out at the bar, “I could totally take down an entire pizza right now,” and meaning it with your entire heart? You aren’t alone: science says even mice get the munchies when they’re drunk. [More]

Man Pays $72 For Taco Bell Taco

Man Pays $72 For Taco Bell Taco

A man who either loves Taco Bell or hates his GI tract paid $72 for a taco at an Ohio Taco Bell on Monday. When the employee tried to give him his change, he refused and said that it was a Christmas gift, according to the local Fox news station: “He said, ‘I don’t need it so I want to pass it along.’ …the man then said ‘Merry Christmas’ and walked away.” Presumably to a toilet. <--That wasn't very Christmas-y and I retract it. [More]

Ahhhh, the Frenshhh… Orson Welles for Paul Masson

It’s Monday morning. After a weekend of lubricated excess, our skulls seem just about ready to split open in jagged cranial shards, expelling the alcohol-befuddled goop inside. The universe does dizzying pirouettes about us; all we want to do is lay on the couch, watch the Sleepover Club on Nickelodeon, remark to ourselves how some of those girls are definitely long-term investments and sweat out our delirium tremens. Yet here we are, soldiering forth against our body’s most desperate urges to our loathed jobs, where being drunk is simply not a valid excuse for absence. Except in Ireland.