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Auto title loans are currently available in 8,000 stores across 25 states.

Report: Auto Title Loans Just As Bad, If Not Worse Than Payday Loans; Should Face Same Rules

Each year millions of consumers turn to high-interest, short-term loans to make ends meet. While you may be more familiar with payday lenders who charge triple-digit interest rates with the goal of trapping borrowers into taking out new loans to pay off the old ones, a new report finds that payday’s lesser-known relative, auto title loans, have equally destructive repercussions. [More]

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Congressman: Maybe The Government Shouldn’t Propose New Internet Regulations For 2 Years

Remember SOPA? PIPA? Maybe even CISPA? Of course you do — the Internet community, Consumerist included, rallied en masse earlier this year to stop those attempts to regulate the Interwebs we love so dearly. Now a Congressman is lobbing up a proposal to prevent that from happening again for at least two years with a bill that would temporarily ban the government from trying to regulate the Internet. [More]