Nation’s Biggest Employment Background Screeners Must Pay $13M Over Inaccurate Reports

Before offering a prospective employee a job, many companies will first perform a background check. As with credit reports, any inaccuracies in these transcripts can affect an applicant’s eligibility for employment. To that end, federal regulators have ordered two of the country’s largest employment background screening report providers to pay $13 million in penalties and refunds for providing inaccurate information.  [More]

Sorry, No Mortgage: Experian Says That You're Dead

Sorry, No Mortgage: Experian Says That You're Dead

Shortly after surviving the death of her husband and a life-threatening medical crisis, Ann Howe of Seattle decided to refinance her home mortgage. Everything went smoothly until the bank informed her that the refinance couldn’t be completed because the credit bureau Experian was convinced that she was dead.