NHTSA Opens Investigation Into Subaru Impreza Airbag System

Airbags are meant protect a driver or passenger in the event of a collision, but the only way for those safety devices to actually cushion a person from the impact of a crash is if the device activates. Apparently that hasn’t been happening in some Subaru sedans, leading the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to initiate a probe into the problem. [More]

Stone = Dealership. Blood = Fair Deal.

Stone = Dealership. Blood = Fair Deal.

Dana sent in her tale of buying a car and nearly being hoodwinked at sale, but thanks to her dogged persistence and detective-like compendium of evidence, she finally got the deal she deserved, the deal that had already been agreed upon in writing. The deal that, for some reason, wasn’t sitting at the dealership when she walked in to pick it up.