Kraft Sponsors Demolition Of Cowboys' Old Stadium

Kraft Sponsors Demolition Of Cowboys' Old Stadium

Now that corporations have bought up just about all the naming rights to every sports stadium in existence, the next step is to sponsor destruction of the old venues that make way for the new ones.


Amp'd Mobile Shuts Down Tomorrow, Port Your Number Today!

Amp’d Mobile will shutter its ailing service on July 24th at 12:01 am, meaning that today is the final day to port your number to another carrier. The mobile virtual network operator has worn a giant “Kick Me!” sign ever since it filed for bankruptcy after half of its 175,000 customers failed to pay their bills; securing its fate, Amp’d costs Verizon $370,000 per day and owes the telecommunications behemoth over $56 million. The goodbye text Amp’d sent its customers, and information on porting your number, after the jump.