illegal hotels

Darren Sethe

Private Eyes Spy On Apartments To Catch Illegal Airbnb Hotels

In cities where housing is in short supply like New York and San Francisco, permanent residents are understandably upset when their landlords boot them out to use their apartments as mini-hotels. To prove that this is happening, ousted tenants are turning to private detectives who monitor their former apartments as if they were cheating spouses. [More]

Tussling with the A.G.

New York A.G. Subpoenas Airbnb For User Data On 15,000 Renters

On the heels of AirBnB’s apparent triumph in New York City over the right of its users to rent out part of their homes, the company now finds itself caught in the state’s baleful gaze: New York’s Attorney General Eric Schneiderman subpoenaed data from the company as part of an investigation into the website. [More]