How To Avoid Counterfeit Tickets

How To Avoid Counterfeit Tickets

Looking for tickets but worried you’ll get stuck with fakes? Washington’s Attorney General has a few tips to make sure the tickets you buy are more than expensive wallet ornaments.

Why Do Ticketmaster Events Sell Out Instantly?

Ticketmaster is suing RMG Technologies for selling lecherous software that instantly sucks up tickets to everyone’s favorite concerts and sporting events. Groups like RMG are the reason tickets sell out just minutes after going on sale, only to mysteriously reappear at outrageously marked up prices on ticket resale sites like StubHub.

Are High-End Sound Systems Worth The Price?

Are High-End Sound Systems Worth The Price?

Audiophiles claim that their fancy-schmancy sound systems serve up rich melodic delicacies that our crud-laden ears just don’t appreciate. Slate asked if their high-end systems were anything more than effete indulgences.

Edelman: How We Taught The World That Illegal Downloading Is A No-No

“What there was was a complete lack of was a peer-to-peer dialog about illegally downloading music and why it was wrong.” No peer-to-peer dialog. None.

Gawker Launches Idolator Blog

Gawker Launches Idolator Blog

There is a new blog among the Gawker brethren. It is called Idolator. It has a site design and logo that cost several more dollars than ours, but don’t hold that against them. After all, who doesn’t love jewels on poki-stick pink? Sibling rivalry aside, Idolator will definitely be about music in the same fashion that Defamer is about cinematography. That’s not a diss. HQ says, “Idolator is focused on the digital music space and the bands who rise and fall in it — the universes of iTunes, MySpace, and Hype Machine — rather than, say, the world of tourdates.”