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Sunoco Sells 1,110 Convenience Stores To 7-Eleven

It’s a perfect corporate match: Sunoco wants to focus on fuel and get out of the convenience store business, while 7-Eleven’s parent company wants to expand in the United States. In a $3.3 billion deal, Sunoco will hand over 1,110 stores, and 7-Eleven will buy fuel for them from Sunoco for the next 15 years. [More]

Pew researchers analyzed 10 key elements of remote deposit services. [click to enlarge]

Report: Many Banks And Prepaid Companies Lack Clear Disclosures For Smartphone Deposit Services

Some days, driving to the bank or searching for the right ATM, seems like too much effort to deposit a single check. Over the past few years time-crunched consumers have found some relief in the form of banks offering the ability to remotely deposit checks with a smartphone. While the technology may be convenient, a new report found certain drawback to the program, including poorly disclosed terms and conditions. [More]