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Airbags In 2001 To 2003 Hondas And Acuras Are The Most Dangerous, Need To Be Fixed Now

Since people now tend to keep our cars longer than we used to, there are still plenty of model year 2001, 2002, and 2003 cars from Honda and Acura still on the road. Recent tests show that each time one of the vehicles’ airbags deploys, there’s up to a 50% chance that it will rupture, posing a serious risk to drivers and passengers. [More]

(Consumer Reports)

Honda Odyssey’s Built-In Vacuum Works Surprisingly Well, Costs A Lot

Maybe you’ve seen the commercials for the new Honda Odyssey minivan that tout its new on-board vacuum cleaner. Sure, you could haul out a Shop-Vac periodically to clean out your car, but what what if you could suck up those Cheerios right after your toddler drops them, no matter where you are? The new Odyssey offers a canister vacuum wired right into the vehicle so you can do just that. [More]