Home Depot (Sort Of) Explains How An In-Store Purchase Can Result In E-mails From Its Website

Yesterday, we told you about a Home Depot customer who was put off by an e-mail from the retailer asking him to review a product he’d purchased in-store. He assumed the store must have linked the credit he used at the store with a purchase he’d made on a year earlier. And he’s just about right. [More]

The mysterious e-mail that A.C. received about his in-store purchase.

Home Depot Uses My Credit Card Number To Track Down My E-Mail Address

UPDATE: Home Depot has confirmed that it does use credit card info to track customers. [More]


Home Depot Glitch Gives Unexpected Gift To Online Shoppers — Free Orders

If you were doing some shopping on yesterday morning, you should check your order summary because you might have been the beneficiary of an oopsy by the home improvement retailer that allowed some customers to place orders they didn’t get charged for. [More]