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Airbnb Is Working On Its Own Branded Apartment Complex

What’s one surefire way to make sure you’re not annoying your neighbors with a constant stream of Airbnb guests? Live in an Airbnb-branded building, where all your neighbors are also renting out their apartments. [More]


Texas Man Says Airbnb Host Refused To Let Him Rent A Room Because He’s Gay

When you list your home on sites like Airbnb, people of all shapes and sizes and from all walks of life may come through your door — some you might even want to hang out with. But a Houston man says he was shocked when an Austin host rejected his room reservation on Airbnb because he’s gay. [More]


Hey, Chicago: Here Come The Airbnb Regulations

Airbnb will be allowed to operate in Chicago after the city council passed two measures on Wednesday that allow short-term rentals, but there will be a few restrictions on that process. [More]


San Francisco Tells Home-Sharing Hosts They’ll Have To Pay Taxes On Rental Furnishings

If you’ve been renting out your home in San Francisco through services like Airbnb and HomeAway, you’re about to start paying more taxes. The city is notifying hosts that they’ll have to submit an itemized list for items like dishes, bedding, and any other supplies they purchase for their rentals. [More]

Traits You'll Need If You Become A Landlord

Traits You'll Need If You Become A Landlord

Earning money by renting out property seems like a dream job, but it takes a certain mentality and skillset to succeed as a landlord. Meek or lazy people can turn the gig to a nightmare for themselves and their tenants. [More]