hilco streambank

Heath Alseike

Still No Sponsor To Replace Sports Authority On Mile High Stadium

Another deadline has come and gone, and yet no one has bid on the naming rights for the field where the Denver Broncos play. They previously belonged to the now-bankrupt retailer Sports Authority, and the company put the opportunity up for sale as part of its intellectual property auction. Auctioneer Hilco Streambank has extended the deadline twice now, but no bidder has made their interest public yet. [More]

Heath Alseike

Sports Authority Taking Bids For Broncos Stadium Naming Rights Again

Mile High is a fantastic name for a sporting venue, so you can’t blame the people of Denver for for wanting to keep it for the stadium where the Broncos play. Instead, the entity that runs the stadium sells the naming rights to the football field, which the now-defunct sporting goods retailer Sports Authority bought in 2011. After not selling in the company’s intellectual property auction, the naming rights are for sale separately. Bids are due on Tuesday, July 19, at 3 PM Mountain time. If you’re interested. [More]

Nicholas Eckhart

Sports Authority Prepares To Auction Off Its Name, Your Name, Broncos Stadium Naming Rights

When a company files for bankruptcy protection and goes out of business, it sells off everything it owns with any value. That includes your name, if you’re on the retailer’s mailing list or part of their loyalty card program. Even the company’s own name goes up on the auction block. In the case of Sports Authority, the bankrupt company’s intellectual property includes the right to plaster their name on the field where the NFL’s Denver Broncos play. [More]