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So simple, and so perfect.

Here’s Another Dose Of Chuckleworthy Amazon Reviews From The Reader Hall Of Fame

If there’s one thing we know about or Consumerist readers, it’s that you like to make yourselves laugh, and by extension, the rest of us. Last week’s call for more hilarious Amazon product reviews was more than heeded — our cup basically overfloweth and by cup of course we mean the tipline. Keep’em coming, and enjoy this fresh round of chuckles for the time being. [More]

So much lube. So. Much. Lube.

These Amazon Reviews Might Not Sell Any Products But They Sure Make Us Giggle

A few weeks ago we had a couple chuckles over a round-up of hilarious Amazon product reviews, those bits of tongue-in-cheek humor and working of words through the medium of comedy are, in most cases, more of a reward than whatever the product being sold is. We asked you, dear readers, to rustle up a few of your favorites, and hoooo boy, did you come through. [More]