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Michael Kappel

Aetna Quitting Health Insurance Exchanges In 11 States

The basic principle behind the Affordable Care Act was that by requiring all Americans to have health insurance, people would pay for insurance even when they weren’t sick, making the risk pool bigger and letting insurers cover more services and people who are already sick. Insurance companies say that it isn’t working out that way, though. Insurance giant Aetna announced that it will leave individual insurance exchanges in 11 out of the 15 states where it does business. [More]


Feds Approve 8 More State Health Insurance Exchanges For A Total Of 20

The federal government has given the thumbs up to eight more states that will be able to run their own health insurance exchanges, with seven of them being wholly in charge of the process and one, Arkansas, working with the feds on its program. California, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Vermont and Utah are all approved now as well, for a total of 20 states with exchanges. [More]

Walgreens To Start Selling Health Insurance

Walgreens To Start Selling Health Insurance

Come this fall, when you go to your local Walgreens to pick up your prescription, you may also be able to shop for a health insurance plan, as CNN reports that the country’s largest drugstore chain is about to get into the insuring business. [More]