To Resolve Some Customer Service Problems, Just Call Back

When people submit their complaints to our site after a single interaction with customer service, we often ask, “Did you try calling or e-mailing back to get someone else?” It sounds deceptively simple, so simple that you might not even bother trying it. You should. It happens to work. Sometimes. [More]

This Hampton Inn first promised to refund a guest's reservation, then claimed it never said such a thing.

Hampton Inn Offers Me Refund For Canceled Reservation, Changes Its Mind And Charges Me $500

Many hotels have rather strict cancellation policies, which is understandable since it’s bad for business if people book rooms and then fail to show up. What’s not so understandable is a hotel that decides it has a strict cancellation policy after it’s allowed a guest to cancel and provided her with a cancellation number. [More]

Hampton Inn Wants You To Use Imaginary Boxspring Measurements

Hampton Inn Wants You To Use Imaginary Boxspring Measurements

Older stairwells were apparently not designed to handle the massive boxsprings that come with today’s double beds. When Sarah ordered a mattress set from Hampton Inn, she didn’t realize this, and ran up against a no-return policy and an inexplicable $500 markup for a split boxspring.


Hampton Inn Bans Customer For Parking In Their Garage

Hampton Inn Bans Customer For Parking In Their Garage

Hampton Inn general manager Jennifer Stahler banned reader Jack from staying at her Inn again because he dared to park his car in the Inn’s garage. Jack wasn’t sure he could park there in the first place, even though there weren’t any signs warning “private” or “employees only,” so after parking, he checked in with Jennifer who told him he was fine and even wrote him a parking slip. The next morning she changed her mind and demanded $38 in valet charges. When Jack reminded her that she never mentioned any fees and had given him a parking slip, she agreed to remove the charges but then explained that he was “no longer welcome to stay.”