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Congratulations America, You Gave Airlines $7.1B In Baggage And Change Fees Last Year

For the better part of the last decade, airlines have been tacking on fees for everything from checking bags to allowing customers to cancel or change their flights. While spending $25 now and then for the convenience of not dragging your bags around the airport might not break the bank, those fees add up — to $7.1 billion.  [More]


Lawsuit: Government Illegally Garnishes Disability Benefits To Repay Student Loans

Earlier this month, a Government Accountability Office report found that $171 million was garnished from older Americans’ Social Security benefits in order to repay federal student loan debts. Now, one of those borrowers is suing several government agencies accusing them of taking money from his monthly disability checks despite the fact he was eligible for a student loan discharge.  [More]

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Report: $171M Garnished From Older Americans’ Social Security To Repay Student Debt In 2015

It can take years, even decades, for student loan borrowers to repay their debts. To that end, a new report has found that tens of thousands of older adults – including senior citizens – continue to be saddled with mountains of student debt later in life, often having their government benefits cut to repay the costs.  [More]

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Student Loan Repayment Programs Will Eventually Forgive $108B In Debt

While several recent reports have suggested that many student loan borrowers face needless hurdles when trying to reduce their monthly payments through the Department of Education’s income-driven repayment plans, a new study has found the programs are working and will eventually forgive $108 billion in outstanding student debt.  [More]


Federal Student Loan Customer Service In Need Of “Significant” Improvements

Last year, the Department of Education issued more than $96 billion in federal student loans to more than 9.1 million college students. Someday in the future these borrowers will begin repaying these debts, but a new report finds that limitations and a disconnect between the federal government and its contracted loan servicers can make this a daunting and sometimes costly task.  [More]

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6 Things We Learned About The IRS’s Fight Against Fraud And Identity Theft

Things are difficult for the IRS right now. For the last few years, people contacting the IRS have encountered lengthy phone hold times, and identity theft and refund fraud drain billions of dollars’ worth of tax refunds into the pockets of international criminals. The Government Accountability Office has the job of overseeing government agencies, including the IRS, and it released a new report today about its issues and possible ways to fix them. [More]


Warrant: Researcher Claims He Commandeered Flight Through In-Flight Entertainment System

Nearly a month after a government report identified security weaknesses within the airline industry, including the possibility that newer airplanes with interconnected WiFi systems could be hacked, a recently obtained Federal Bureau of Investigation search warrant shows a security researcher claims he briefly took control of an aircraft after hacking into the plane’s in-flight entertainment system. [More]

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GAO Report Finds Airplanes With WiFi Connections May Be Vulnerable To Cyber Attacks

Just as a report found in early February that the newest models of connected cars aren’t adequately guarded from security and privacy hacks, a new report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office found the same issue currently plagues another transportation segment: flying. [More]

Pilot Shortage To Cut Flight Options? Maybe, Maybe Not, Says Govt. Report

Pilot Shortage To Cut Flight Options? Maybe, Maybe Not, Says Govt. Report

Once upon a time many youngsters dreamed of careers as pilots. The thrill of taking flight and the glamorous depictions on television and the big screen created fantasies of a career in the sky. Over the years the industry has changed. Recently regional airlines have reported new regulations, higher costs of school and lower salaries are causing a pilot shortage that could result in fewer flights for consumers. But a new report by the Government Accountability Office shows that the issue may be more complicated than it seems. [More]

Outdated Social Security System Puts Some Who Wait To Marry At Greater Risk For Poverty In Retirement

Outdated Social Security System Puts Some Who Wait To Marry At Greater Risk For Poverty In Retirement

Marriage has long been seen as a way to bring stability to a couple’s finances. You earn together, save together, and many decades down the road you may even qualify to receive retirement and survivor income from Social Security thanks to your beloved. But times are changing and the rules that govern these benefits were designed more than 50 years ago when fewer women worked and couples tended to tie the knot earlier. Today’s evolving marriage and work trends are leaving some future retirees vulnerable. [More]


Many Victims Of Shady Foreclosure Practices Will Only Get $300-$500 Under Government Plan

There’s no doubt that millions of homeowners were the victims of shady foreclosure practices at the country’s biggest banks when the recession hit. So many of those people were likely hoping for a positive resolution to their woes when the government said it was going to figure out how to compensate homeowners with its Independent Foreclosure Review, an investigation into banks’ mistakes in servicing mortgages. But after waiting years for an answer, about three million eligible borrowers will only be seeing checks for between $300 and $500. [More]


If No One Likes The Dollar Coin, Why Is The U.S. Government Trying To Push It So Hard?

Despite the fact that the American public seems to be pretty anti-dollar coin in the coin vs. bill debate, Congress is still fighting to push the $1 coin on the country, almost a year after the debate first began. We say fight, because as history has shown, the general population doesn’t mind chucking dollar coins in a jar but is definitely against waving goodbye to paper $1 bills forever. [More]

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