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Vaya con dios, old friend.

Don’t Forget, Folks: Migrate Your Consumerist RSS Feed Before Google Reader Goes Away

Full disclosure: We here at Consumerist suffer from a crippling fear of RSS abandonment. And since Google Reader will be going off into that pixelated, technomological sunset in just a few days, we’d like to remind you to migrate your Consumerist RSS subscription to another reader. There are plenty to choose from before July 1, including Feedly, which our pals at gdgt speak highly of. Whichever you choose, just take us wherever you go. Please. [via gdgt] [More]

Report: Privacy Concerns Another Reason For Shuttering Google Reader

Report: Privacy Concerns Another Reason For Shuttering Google Reader

Earlier this month, Google announced it will pull the plug on Google Reader come July, saying it would reallocate resources elsewhere in the company. But AllThingsD reports that another reason was because no one was really manning the Reader ship and Google didn’t want to get stung with another pricey privacy problem. [via AllThingsD] [More]

This is how Google broke the bad news to Reader users.

Fans Start Petitions To Save Google Reader

If you’re coming to this post from Google Reader, you will soon be requiring a different way to follow the feeds of your favorite news sites and topics, as Google announced last night that it’s saying goodbye to Reader on July 1. But there are those who refuse to say goodbye so easily. [More]