Goodyear Officially Retiring Its Last Real Blimp In Favor Of Zeppelins

We’ve had almost four years to get used to the idea, and now it’s happening: Goodyear is retiring the last blimp in its fleet in favor of its cousin, the zeppelin. But don’t worry, it’ll still call those dirigibles “blimps” to keep things blimple. Ahem, simple. [More]


GM Stops Sales Of Some 2015 SUVs After Goodyear Announces Tire Recall

If you were planning to purchase a General Motors SUV this weekend you might be out of luck. The automaker instructed dealers to halt sales on thousands of model year 2015 SUVs after Goodyear announced the recall of nearly 49,000 tires. [More]

(Ron Dauphin)

“Goodyear Zeppelin” Doesn’t Have The Same Ring To It As “Goodyear Blimp,” But So It Goes

If you’re the kind of person who just can’t help but correct someone, anyone, who’s had the misfortune to utter something slightly factually inaccurate, let this serve as a warning: Although Goodyear is replacing its fleet of three blimps with zeppelins, the company is still going to call the beloved airships blimps. Because it’s not about technicalities here, people, it’s about blimp love. [More]

Goodyear Recalls 41,000 Tires Over Tearing Concerns

Worried that its Wrangler Silent Armor line of tires are prone to causing very bad years for their owners, Goodyear initiated a recall of about 41,000 of the products. The company says that a small number of the tires, made for trucks, SUVs and vans, can tear and cause accidents. [More]

The Goodyear Manager That Will Never Let You Down

The Goodyear Manager That Will Never Let You Down

We really hope he likes that song and has a good sense of humor. Judging by the picture, he seems like a friendly guy, so we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. [More]

Adnalysis: Goodyear Tires Clutch Road, Taunt Children

Adnalysis: Goodyear Tires Clutch Road, Taunt Children

by the consumer is the end result of a complicated process. A glance at this new Goodyear ad reveals techniques advertisers use to dip their claws in your brains.