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After Third Death Linked To Toppling Dressers, IKEA Expands “Repair Program”

Last July, following the deaths of two children crushed by falling IKEA dressers, the retailer and the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a “repair program” that involved little more than sending out wall anchors to affected customers. Now, in the wake of a third death, IKEA is expanding that program. [More]

These are just a handful of the products showcased on Amazon's new LaunchPad platform.

Amazon Debuts Launchpad, A Store Showcasing Crowdfunded Products

From books to mini-tanks, Amazon might be a one-stop-online-shop for just about anything consumers could desire, and with the unveiling of its new platform, Launchpad, the e-tailer is now gunning to be the one-stop-marketing-and-distribution center for startups. [More]


Facebook Introduces AMBER Alerts That Appear In News Feeds Of Users In The Search Area

Facebook is continuing to dip its toes into the real life world of emergencies and natural disasters with another new safety feature: Whenever the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children issues an AMBER Alert for a missing child, users in the targeted search area affected will automatically see that alert in their Facebook feeds. [More]