game of thrones

Theon Greyjoy celebrates the news.

Game Of Thrones Is King Of Pirated TV Shows

While there may be various scheming parties vying for the Iron Throne in King’s Landing, HBO’s Game of Thrones is the undisputed champ in the rankings of the 2012’s most-pirated TV shows. [More]

Chugging, Westeros-style.

Now You Can Watch Game Of Thrones While Drinking Game Of Thrones Beer

Have you ever been drinking a beer while watching Game of Thrones on HBO, or while reading one of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice & Fire novels and thought to yourself, “If only this brew I’m enjoying were also somehow named after something from this story I’m enjoying”? Well, then you’re in luck. [More]

Knocked $30 Off My Cable Bill Just By Asking

Knocked $30 Off My Cable Bill Just By Asking

I’ve been hearing how the ol’ “threaten to cancel to get your cable bill reduced” ploy is “dead” but I decided to give negotiating with the cable company a shot. I got my monthly bill reduced by $30, and, indirectly related to my conversation with them, somehow also got free HBO. Schweet. [More]