Chipotle’s so-popular-they-had-to-discontinue-it iPhone app has been redesigned and is available for free at the iTunes store. What does this miracle software do? Well, it locates the nearest Chipotle, then lets you build your burrito, taco, whatever, add special instructions, and pay for your order. You can also save your favorites so you don’t have to build the burrito each time. Fatness, here we come. [Gizmodo]


Touch-screen ordering at restaurants is the new cool thing? We weren’t aware that WaWa was so cutting edge. [BuzzFeed]

Behold! The World of Tomorrow!

Behold! The World of Tomorrow!

LCD Money, perfect for reprogramming into larger denominations! The spiritual successor to the hoverboards from Back to the Future 2! DVD Players that fold like origami! This list of futuristic gizmos certainly brings out the uncynical consumer in us for a change.