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Automakers Ask New EPA Chief Pruitt To Rescind Mileage, Greenhouse Gas Standards

Now that Scott Pruitt — the former Oklahoma Attorney General who repeatedly sued the Environmental Protection Agency — has been sworn in as the Administrator of the agency whose policies he once attacked, auto industry lobbyists are calling on the EPA to put a stop to longterm fuel-economy and emissions standards locked in by the previous White House. [More]


Lawsuit Claims GM Exaggerated Fuel Mileage On Some SUVs For Seven Years

General Motors announced last month that it would provide compensation to owners of their models of SUVs after admitting it had incorrectly calculated the fuel economy on the vehicles. But that apparently isn’t enough for some GM owners who have filed a potential class action against the carmaker.  [More]


Cheap Gas Makes Car-Buyers Lose Their Short-Term Memory

It wasn’t that long ago that Americans were sneering at SUVs and clamoring for compact, hybrid, and compact hybrid cars. That was years ago, though, and you can’t expect adults to remember things that happened during the period that they’ve owned their current car. That’s why shoppers now aren’t giving much thought to fuel economy. [More]