frozen custard


What’s The Difference Between Ice Cream, Frozen Custard, And Gelato?

Sure, you may pride yourself on the fact that you know chocolate milk does not come from brown cows, but how are strong is your knowledge of other dairy products? Don’t worry, if you can’t tell ice cream from frozen custard, we’ve got you covered. [More]


Rita’s Italian Ice Locations Stop Serving Frozen Custard Amid Egg Shortage

First it was a grocery store chain asking customers to limit themselves when buying cartons of eggs, and then it was shorter (temporary) breakfast hours. And now, consumers are feeling the repercussions of a national egg shortage in the category of icy treats: Rita’s Italian Ice notified customers that it won’t be serving frozen custard, and will instead be replacing that menu item as it runs out with soft-serve ice cream. [More]