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Burger King Manager Facing Assault Charge For Allegedly Throwing Sauce At Customer

It can be frustrating for both customers and fast food employees alike when something about an order isn’t right, but that’s no excuse for chucking things at each other. One such tense situation is why a Burger King manager was arrested recently, after allegedly throwing sauce at an unhappy customer. [More]

When It Comes To Food, “Generally Recognized As Safe” May Not Mean What It Sounds Like


Here in the U.S., we have food safety regulations — a lot of them. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is responsible for making sure foods (and a bunch of other stuff) adhere to some basic health and safety rules to reduce the likelihood these products will hit store shelves and make a million people sick. So far, so good… but there’s a major food safety system that the FDA uses that, it turns out, is neither standard nor safe — despite its name. [More]


Kibbles ’N Bits Sales Are Suffering Because Of Picky Pet Owners

When it comes to food, humans aren’t the only ones trending toward a slightly more premium product: J.M. Smucker Co. said today that its pet food sales in the U.S. fell more than 6% because picky pet owners just aren’t choosing Kibbles ’n Bits as much. [More]


Police: Brooklyn Men Busted Trying To Sell $500K Worth Of Stolen Eels On A Street Corner

If there was ever a time that the joke, “Is that an eel in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?” could work, it would’ve been in Brooklyn recently, when cops said they busted three men who allegedly tried to sell $500,000 worth of stolen, frozen eels on a street corner. [More]


Food Scientists Working On Edible Alternative To Plastic Wrap

In the future, instead of throwing away plastic packaging and film covering our food, we might just eat it. Researchers with the U.S. Department of Agriculture are working on a few alternatives to plastic wrap, including an edible film that’s also biodegradable. [More]


Hawaii Health Officials: New Hepatitis A Cases Expected Despite Shutdown Of Sushi Restaurants

Even though officials with the Hawaii Department of Health shut down sushi restaurants in the state that served frozen scallops linked to a recent Hepatitis A outbreak, new cases could still pop up, authorities said. [More]


Critics: Putting Fitness Trackers In McDonald’s Happy Meals Doesn’t Make Them Healthy Meals

Putting on a fitness tracker doesn’t magically change your body; it’s just another accessory if it goes unused. That’s why critics of McDonald’s latest Happy Meal shake-up don’t seem terribly impressed.

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McDonald’s Limiting The Amount Of Free Food Olympians Can Order In Rio

Since the Rio Olympics opened, calorie-seeking athletes have been gorging themselves on free food from McDonald’s, but there’s only so much gratis grub the Golden Arches is willing to give away. [More]


Hawaii Health Officials Order Several Sushi Joints Closed Amid Hepatitis A Outbreak

When you think of Hawaii, seafood may come to mind, considering the state is surrounded by water. But hungry folks looking for sushi have a few less options right now, after the state’s department of health ordered several restaurants closed amid an ongoing Hepatitis A outbreak. [More]


Shake Shack Offering Free Burgers Today — But You’ll Have To Act Quickly

The good news: you can get a free burger at Shake Shack today. The bad news: you’ll have to get there quickly because they’re only offering the freebies to the first 100 customers at each location. [More]

Hostess Is Now Selling “Deep Fried Twinkies” In The Freezer Aisle

Hostess Is Now Selling “Deep Fried Twinkies” In The Freezer Aisle

If you’re the kind of person who just can’t be bothered to pull out the deep fryer every time you want to eat a Twinkie, well, Hostess thinks maybe it’s got something for you: “deep fried Twinkies” that can be found in the freezer aisle of the grocery store. [More]


Judge Forbids Man From Ordering Pizza After Restaurants Report Harassing Phone Calls

When I imagine a world without pizza delivery– wait, stop. I don’t want to go there. I don’t even want to think about where a Florida man is right now, living a pizzaless existence after a judge banned him from ordering pies from any of his local pizzerias. [More]

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Nation’s First Pizza ATM Proves Dreams Really Can Come True

Someone at Xavier University in Cincinnati must have a direct line to the gods of pizza (who rule our desires from atop their throne of cheese on Mount Pepperoni) because the Cincinnati place of higher learning is getting the country’s very first pizza ATM. [More]

Did Burger King Rip Off Mac N’ Cheetos From The Vulgar Chef?

Did Burger King Rip Off Mac N’ Cheetos From The Vulgar Chef?

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but one online chef is calling foul when it comes to Burger King’s Mac n’ Cheetos.  [More]

Hampton Creek Sent Out Undercover Shoppers To Buy Up Its Mayo, Ask Stores About It

Hampton Creek Sent Out Undercover Shoppers To Buy Up Its Mayo, Ask Stores About It

Corporate drama and intrigue are not things that one normally associates with the condiment aisle at the grocery store, but that’s what has been happening since Hampton Creek’s eggless product Just Mayo hit the market back in 2014. Now there’s a new accusation against the company: that it dispatched undercover agents to retail stores to buy up mayonnaise and ask stores to carry it, increasing sales and buzz. [More]

Would You Scan A QR Code At The Supermarket To Read More About Food?

Would You Scan A QR Code At The Supermarket To Read More About Food?

Last, the president signed into law a fast-tracked piece of legislation that both overturned existing state laws about labeling of food with genetically modified ingredients and established a vague timeline for eventually putting this information on barcodes that customers can scan with their phones. The question is: Will anyone actually do this? [More]


Taco Bell’s Portable “Walking Nachos” Spotted In The Wild

Have you ever tried eating nachos on the go? It can be a messy, cheesy endeavor. In an attempt to make chowing down on that meal a bit less chaotic, Taco Bell announced last week that it would test “Walking Nachos,” a portable bag of chips, cheese, and meat. Now, we’re getting our first look at the menu items.  [More]

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Lawmaker Calls For Overhaul Of Food Recall System

Nearly two months after a preliminary audit found the Food and Drug Administration’s food recall process lacked effective and efficient processes to ensure the safety of the nation’s food supply, one lawmaker is calling for an overhaul of the agency’s systems. [More]