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Sally Villarreal

From Bread Crumbs To Worcestershire Sauce: How Long Will All That Stuff In Your Pantry Last?

Regular readers of Consumerist likely know there’s a big difference between the “use-by” date and the “sell-by” date on food labels. But while most people take note of this information on highly perishable items like meat, eggs, and dairy, we often ignore those dry goods stashed in our pantries. And these unrefrigerated items are often allowed to sit around until we go to use them and realize, “Oh no… that went bad back when Bush — the first one — was president.” [More]


Keep Your Herbs Moist, Your Spices Away From The Stove, And Other Food Storage Tips

You may not use things like cumin, honey, or sage in every meal, but these are the kinds of ingredients that many home cooks keep on hand so they can use them whenever they’re called for. But how do you keep that paprika from turning into colorful sawdust? And what’s the best way to store that fresh parsley so it won’t be dried up and useless a few days after you buy it? [More]

Jonathan Coffey

Keep Your Onions & Potatoes Separated And Other Tips For Storing Fruits & Vegetables

We’ve all got kitchens and we all eat food, but not everyone can agree on where and how to store that food so it doesn’t immediately turn into a moldy mess or dry out into a worthless husk. We’ve already looked at the the best places and methods for keeping your bread, dairy and eggs fresh, and in this second Spoilage Wars installment, we’ll deal with the fruits and vegetables you endeavor to keep from rotting away. [More]

(The Neil Steininger)

This Is Why You Should Throw Away Those Old Green Potatoes

If you leave potatoes sitting in in your cupboard for too long, they might sprout or turn green, but it’s not like eating old vegetables is going to kill you or anything. Wait, it can? It can cause symptoms ranging from a tummyache to hallucinations to death? And that’s happened quite a few times throughout history? Well, crap. [More]

Here's How Long It Will Take Nonperishables To Perish

If you keep large quantities of food on hand, it’s important to cycle through it — replacing it with recently-bought supplies — in order not to let the grub spoil. But nonperishable staples don’t always come with expiration dates. And even if they do, you might have lost the dates if you transferred the food to your own containers. [More]