Eat your words, Canada.

Any time I’ve been forced to eat my words it’s been a pride-swallowing experience, to be sure, but without anything actually delicious or food-like to ingest. Maybe that’s what makes this Taco Bell campaign in Canada so interesting — turning the tables on whiney customers who bemoaned the lack of Doritos Locos Tacos Up North by having them actually eat their own tweeted, cranky words, emblazoned on said tacos. [More]

(Morton Fox)

Give’em An Inch Or They’ll Take A Mile: Two Customers Suing Subway Over 11-Inch Footlongs

Who knew that taking a ruler to a Subway Footlong sandwich would spiral into such a hullabaloo in less than a week? People are serious about their sandwiches, enough so that two New Jersey men are now suing Subway for advertising footlong food and handing out 11- or 11.5-inch sandwiches instead. [More]

Disney Networks To Stop Airing Junk Food Ads To Kids

Disney Networks To Stop Airing Junk Food Ads To Kids

With growing public and regulatory interest in how not-exactly-healthy foods are advertised and marketed toward children, the Walt Disney Company is announcing today that any foodstuffs advertised during kid-focused TV programming on its many channels will have to meet the company’s nutritional standards.