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United Flights Delayed Over Flight Planning System Issues

Less than two weeks after Delta Air Lines suffered a systems outage that led to hundreds of canceled flights, passengers on United Airlines are dealing with similar issues after the system that creates flight plans for the carrier experienced technical difficulties. [More]

Will June 29th Be A Big Cluster#@$! For Airlines?

Will June 29th Be A Big Cluster#@$! For Airlines?

Matt writes in to warn us all not to fly on June 29th and 30th if we can help it, because the 29th is when flight plans for all domestic flights have to switch over to the international standard. Matt adds that it’s just his personal opinion, so we’re not sure how worried we should really be (remember the fake-out of the Y2K bug?). But then again, we’re talking about airlines, so at the very least you should pack some extra energy bars if you’re traveling on the day of the switchover.