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Listen To A Guy With Experience Talk About Fireworks Safety

This holiday weekend, many Americans will no doubt be in the mood to celebrate Independence Day with brightly colored fireworks that go “whiz!” and “bang!” and make us all proud we got rid of the British early on. But no matter how fun fireworks can be, they can also be very, very dangerous. To bring that message home, New York Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul is sharing the story of how he lost part of his hand in a firework accident [More]

Fireworks Can Explode Both Plastic And Flesh Humans

Fireworks Can Explode Both Plastic And Flesh Humans

Those wild and crazy folk over at the CPSC blew up a bunch of mannequins with fireworks on a public lawn in DC to showcase the danger of improperly using fireworks, using illegal fireworks and using professional fireworks when you are not a professional. Here’s the disturbing video. And if you’re a sick puppy, here’s the safety demonstration set to the 1812 overture. Instead of becoming like one of the disfigured humanoids in the video, here’s a few safety tips you can follow: [More]