Frontline and Pro Publica's "Firestone and the Warlord" investigates the secret relationship between the American tire company and the infamous Liberian warlord/president/war criminal Charles Taylor (pictured). [Photo Credit: © Patrick Robert/Sygma/Corbis]

Firestone Made Deal With The Devil, Paid Millions To Help Fund Genocidal Warlord

In the late 1980s, 40% of the latex used in the United States was supplied by a single plantation — a massive operation run by Firestone in the African nation of Liberia. The plantation had survived the 1980 coup that saw the country’s president slaughtered in his bed and cabinet members executed in public. But after an even bloodier uprising began in 1989, Firestone ultimately ended up in bed with one of history’s most evil figures. [More]

Went To Firestone To Fix Flat, Got $1,600 Estimate

Went To Firestone To Fix Flat, Got $1,600 Estimate

A Redditor has posted images of his repair estimate he got from Firestone after taking their car in to fix a flat. The Firestone mechanic said they couldn’t just put a plug in, they needed to replace the whole tire. And while they were at it, they said the Redditor should overhaul their electrical system for $1,600 because the blinkers didn’t work, even though they did work. [More]