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Cargill To Label Ground Beef Products Containing ‘Pink Slime’ Meat

Cargill To Label Ground Beef Products Containing ‘Pink Slime’ Meat

Though ground beef producers have been filling out their products for years with what is technically known as “finely textured beef,” but which is now known by the less appetizing name “pink slime,” chemically-treated beef trimmings that the industry and USDA say is harmless, but which some have labeled a “cheap substitute” and “economic fraud.” After nearly two years of stories about the stuff, one of the nation’s largest beef producers has decided to start labeling products that have been pink slimed. [More]


Beef Battle Continues With “Pink Slime” Defamation Lawsuit Headed Back To State Court

Remember that whole pink slime thing? Yeah, back before everyone in Europe was concerned about horsemeat in their burgers, America was freaking out over finely textured beef, dubbed “pink slime” by celebrity health advocates and news outlets. Beef Products Inc. sued ABC News and its parent company for defamation related to the scandal way back in September, and that lawsuit is still lumbering along with a move back to a state court from a federal one. Which is happy news for BPI, perhaps not so for the defendants. [More]