The Grim But Necessary Art Of Closing Accounts For Dead Family Members & Loved Ones

Coping with the death of a loved one is often a devastating emotional and psychological process, and for those tasked with tying up the loose ends of a late friend or family member, it probably doesn’t help when you’ve got to repeatedly explain to a seemingly endless string of customer service reps why they can’t speak to the account holder. [More]

Comcast Announces It Expects To Lose Customers In 2008

Comcast Announces It Expects To Lose Customers In 2008

Yesterday Comcast lowered its growth expectations for 2008—not by much but down from 12% to 11% for the year. This morning at a media conference, Comcast’s CFO Michael Angelakis cited a “challenging economic and competitive environment,” with companies like Verizon and AT&T poaching its video customers to their new services. Oh, and also because nobody wants to be a Comcast customer unless it’s the only game in town.