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Indiana Walmart Under Siege By Feral Cats

Indiana Walmart Under Siege By Feral Cats

If you’re a feral feline in southern Indiana, it looks like the Walmart in Jasper is the place to be. The store’s parking lot has apparently been overrun by dozens of cats out looking to score free food. But unlike past instances where Walmart has been accused of trapping and hauling off the cats to be killed, this store appears to be taking a more humane approach to these wild cats. [More]


“Citizen Of The Year” Lures Feral Cats To City Officials’ Homes… To Prove Point About Feral Cats

A New Jersey man who was once dubbed “Citizen of the Year” pleaded guilty yesterday to charges that he deliberately placed cat food on city officials’ properties in an attempt to lure feral felines and hopefully highlight the feral cat problem in the area. [More]