Baltimore City Department of Public Works

Baltimore Getting Aggressive In Fight Against Fatberg Clogging City Sewer

When it comes to “fatbergs” — large globs made from wet wipes, cooking oil, and other stuff we flush — clogging the sewers, sometimes extreme measures are necessary. To wit: In an effort to finally dislodge a fatberg that caused a sewer overflow in Baltimore recently, city officials are now resorting to more aggressive approach. [More]

Thames Water

London Sewer Workers Fighting Intense “Sewer War” Against 820-Foot ‘Fatberg’

Every time you flush a disposable wet wipe down the toilet, just imagine sewer workers screaming, “Nooooo!” That’s because no one wants to battle a monster “fatberg” of the sort currently blocking London’s sewers. [More]

(Thames Water)

London Water Officials Battle Massive Fatberg The Length Of A 747 Blocking The Sewer

If you aren’t a believer in the power of the fatberg, perhaps this recent find will strike fear into your toilet’s heart: London water officials had to fight a fatberg made from wet wipes, fatty masses and other debris the length of a Boeing 747 that plugged up the sewer system recently, threatening to flood area homes and businesses. [More]

Oh, the horror.

15-Ton “Fatberg” Lodged In Sewer System Is Disgusting Reminder Not To Flush Baby Wipes

The thing which we are about to discuss is by no means for the faint of stomach. Back away from all things globular in your lunch and turn off your “ugh” receptors. There’s a 15-ton fatberg heading our way and if we don’t hit this thing just right, we’re all going down. Side note: Is 101 years too soon for Titanic jokes? [More]