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(Brad Clinesmith)

Indiana Passes Law Aimed At Slow Drivers Clogging Up The Left Lane

We have all been there, either as the red-faced person gripping the wheel muttering, “Just. Get. Out. Of. The. Left. Lane” or perhaps, as the oblivious driver happily tootling along, unaware at the line of cars backed up in our wake. Lawmakers in Indiana want that to change with a new “slowpoke” law aimed at clearing out that left lane on the highway. [More]

NeoCities' generous offer to lift the throttling for an annual fee of $1,000.

Web Host Protests Botched Net Neutrality By Throttling FCC To Dial-Up Speeds

The FCC’s pending net neutrality proposal would allow Internet service providers to provide “fast lane” access to websites and online services willing to pay a premium. In response to this idea, which is counter the entire notion of an open Internet, the folks at one web hosting service have decided to open a “slow lane” just for people working at the FCC. [More]

You Know Who Made A Great Case Against Internet Fast Lanes? The FCC

You Know Who Made A Great Case Against Internet Fast Lanes? The FCC

Judging by new FCC Chair Tom Wheeler’s vision of net neutrality, one might think the commission has no understanding of the very concept it is claiming to try to enforce. But that wasn’t so only a few years ago, when the FCC laid out a version of neutrality that is very, very different from the snake oil Wheeler is attempting to sell as a cure-all tonic. [More]