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KFC restaurants in Germany rolled out a limited-time tray liner that moonlights as a keyboard for your smartphone.

KFC Creates Tray Keyboard, So Your Greasy Fingers Don’t Smudge The Smartphone

For many consumers sitting down for dinner now includes an extra guest: their smartphone. But sometimes the meal can get a bit messy. To keep your grubby fingers off your pristine mobile device, Kentucky Fried Chicken has created the Tray Typer; a bluetooth keyboard that keeps you connected even with the greasiest of fingers. [More]

NYC Wants You To Eat Less Salt

NYC Wants You To Eat Less Salt

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants you to be healthy. First it was calorie counts on menu boards — now he’s going after salt in packaged and restaurant foods. It seems less likely this initiative will lead to an actual law, but you never know, so here we go… [More]