Is Greek Yogurt Still Greek If It’s Made In America?

Is Greek Yogurt Still Greek If It’s Made In America?

We label all sorts of products with country names — Italian ice, French dressing, Swedish meatballs — regardless of where they were made, or even if they have any actual ties to the country being name-checked. But a court in the UK has ruled that Chobani can’t label its product as “Greek Yogurt” because it is made in the U.S. [More]

Some advocacy groups have expressed concern that the milk used in Chobani comes from cows who eat feed with genetically modified ingredients.

Whole Foods Reportedly Ditching Chobani Over GMO Concerns

If Chobani’s recall woes weren’t enough, the maker of the Greek-style yogurt may also be losing an important retail partner with Whole Foods reportedly planning to stop shelving the stuff in the coming year over concerns about genetically modified content. [More]