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California Slaughterhouse Co-Owner Pleads Guilty To Processing Cattle With Cancer

The co-owner of a now defunct California slaughterhouse at the center of a February 2014 recall that involved 8.7 million pounds of beef found “unfit for human food” has pleaded guilty in the federal case, acknowledging that he processed cancerous cattle. [More]

Not the violin involved. (thart2009)

Guy Accused In Theft Of $5M Stradivarius Violin Sentenced To 7 Years In Prison

What do you get for taking a $5 million, 300-year-old rare violin that doesn’t belong to you? The man who pleaded guilty to stealing a Stradivarius violin from a Milwaukee musician was just sentenced to seven years in prison for the crime. He’s probably hearing violins of his own right about now. Teeny tiny ones. [Associated Press] [More]