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Carnival Cruises

We Can’t Decide If Carnival Using Facial Recognition To Sell Passengers Photos Is Creepy Or Cool

As the world we live in becomes more and more digital, there are definitely some conveniences, but there is also the chance to feel a bit too connected. THat’s why we can’t decide if a cruise line using facial recognition software to identify passengers in photos is a cool bit of tech or is just downright creepy. [More]

Al Franken Isn’t Too Keen On Google Glass Face-Recognition App

Al Franken Isn’t Too Keen On Google Glass Face-Recognition App

Some people wouldn’t have a problem with you shooting photos and video of the people you pass as you stroll down the street sporting your Google Glass headgear. But if you could use a facial recognition app on that same device to glean personal information about complete strangers, it’s probably not going to be as warmly received. [More]


Ohio Forgot To Tell Residents That Cops Have Been Using Facial Recognition On License Photos

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine is facing some criticism after a news investigation revealed that his office had launched a facial recognition system, which allows police to scan pictures of suspects and match them to drivers license photos in the law enforcement’s database. Despite the fact that the system hadn’t been updated to provide protection against misuse, DeWine says he will make sure it isn’t used improperly. [More]